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August Image of the Month

The topic for this months image of the month was “Macro”.

Congratulations to this months winner, Jamie.

The winning entry is featured below along with a brief insight from Jamie immediately after the image.

Arklow Camera Club Image of the Month Winner for August 2014

I had only just started to shoot macro with a loan of a lens from fellow club member Declan. Using a marco lens for the first time was an experience to say the least but I have to say I’m hooked and hopefully the man in the red suit will be kind to me this Christmas!

What I particulary liked was the fact that I could do a simple setup in the house even with my four year old daughter and two year old son! Getting out to do stuff like landscapes and portraits can be tricky with a young family and both parents working.

Well enough of my challenges what about this winning image I hear you say.

Whilst experimenting with the macro lens I lined up the usual suspects; pencil nibs, flower stamens, pieces of fruit etc. Then I thought there is a good chance that everyone could be using the same subjects so why not try something a little different.

It was then I thought of a watch my father gave me. I’m quite a sentimental guy and thought wouldn’t it be great if I could communicate what the watch meant to me, a story if you like.

Whilst always being aware of triptychs I had never done one before. This was really shaping up to be a shoot of firsts! But what a great way to communicate the story of the watch!

I grabbed my childrens small table and placed it beside our patio doors to use the available natural light. Opposite the doors and leaning against the table I placed a white foamboard to act as a reflector. The watch was placed on a black sheet of paper.

I took a lot of shots of the watch in the hour I had available. I think on retrospect I should have looked for even more angles as a lot of what I’d taken were very similar so my choice of which shots to use was limited (maybe this is a good thing?).

Using Photshop I went through the shots and eventually decided on the three to be used in the triptych. I then created an A4 template with three evenly spaced apertures using the rectangular marquee tool. My three images were then copied and pasted in to the template and moved around to see which order worked best.

Looking back I learned a lot. If I was approaching the same shoot again I would do a lot of things differently but for me that is part of the fun!


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