Arklow Camera Club

March Print of the Month

This months topic was “camera”.

Another tie! This time between Janet and Larry.

The winning entries are featured below along with a brief insight from each of the winning photographers immediately after their image.

APRIL2014 03

Janet McCoy:

After WWII the Japanese had a period of low spending capacity. So they enjoyed using cameras which didn’t use much film material, making 14×14mm exposures on narrow paper-backed 17.5mm film. I took this photo to show just how small this camera is. I held the ‘HIT’ in my left hand and took the shot holding a 5D mkii with my right hand.using a 50mm prime lens at f/5.6 1/1000sec. I took this shot outside at 9am to avail of the natural light.

P1140710 A4

Larry Timmons:

I borrowed this camera off a friend and it was so delicate that I got her to open it up for me. For such an old camera there’s an amazing amount of intricate engineering going on. This diminutive little camera is roughly the size of a pack of cigarettes when closed but it was opened and I took the photo and looked at it on the back of the camera one could easily imagine it being something like an old style bellows camera on a tripod and and there being a person under a black sheet taking the photo. It’s hard to believe it fits in a shirt pocket!!!

As regards Lighting the shot there was a speedlite with a 20cm soft-box pointing down at 65 degree angle and offset 45 degree to camera. to “fill in” the right side of the camera I had a bare speedlite set at minimum power and placed about 2 feet away at an angle of 70 degree to camera.

Camera settings for the shot were ISO 160 (my base ISO), F/16 and 1/125 Sec.

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